This is your time to Unwind!

About Us

For people who care about design, Unwind Studio offers totally unique, artist-designed crafts you can’t find anywhere else. You get the satisfaction of making something with your own hands, and because we work with contemporary artists from all over the world, you’ll feel proud to decorate your home with your artwork at the end of the process. It’s a fun, creative way to de-stress and unwind, while making your own affordable art.
Needlepoint is the antidote to modern life

We want to give people an antidote to modern life.

The ability to not only find their inner calm and creativity, but to make something truly unique with their own hands in the process, which they can treasure for a lifetime.

We want to live in a world where everyone takes their pleasure seriously.

Why? Because the time we give to taking care of ourselves is the best investment we can make – it helps us do everything else better in life.

Following our pleasures isn’t just fun, it’s essential for self-care. In a busy, chaotic, 24-7 world, they’re the one thing that can help us find our way back to ourselves

Take your pleasure seriously Unwind Studio
Cristina Cerqueira founder of Unwind Studio

Our Story

Unwind Studio founder, Cristina Cerqueira was ahead of the curve in the ‘great reset’. She’d suffered burnout from a career in data engineering, and her ah-ha moment came on maternity leave when she started needlepointing again. As a child, she’d spent most of her vacations stitching, but fell out of love with it by college because of the outdated designs. Now as a new mom, she picked up an unfinished canvas and it sparked an idea... to create a business combining two of her biggest passions: art & illustration and needlepoint. Unwind Studio was launched early 2020.

Our Team

Our team has been growing, and we are now six super cool and inspiring women of different ages and backgrounds, working at our little studio every day to keep innovating and spreading the love for needlepoint!

About our story Unwind Studio

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